Agilent Raman Spectrometer for In-Field Explosive Analysis Detailed in SPIE Article

The Resolve handheld Raman spectrometer is the subject of an article published in the SPIE Security + Defence Proceedings, following a presentation at the related conference in Amsterdam in September 2023.

The spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) technology used by Resolve enables rapid identification of a wide range of explosives, improvised explosive precursors, and flash powders. The following advantages are noted:

  • SORS means that precursors and high explosives can be identified within containers (with timer or WiFi control).
  • Lower laser power density means that sensitive explosives can be identified without deflagration or detonation.
  • High optical efficiency means weaker mixtures or additives that attenuate the beam do not hinder detection.

 Scan from EGDN concealed within Blue Polypropylene container

The Resolve system provides the potential to improve safety, efficiency and critical decision making in incident management and search operations.

The article is published in collaboration between Alfords Technologies (specialized in developing highly innovative explosive tools to support explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), breaching/explosive method of entry (EMoE) and explosive engineering communities), Foulger Associates (Defense Security, Science and Technology Fellow) and Agilent Technologies. Read the full article in the Proceedings of SPIE to learn more, or contact Agilent Technologies or Alfords Technologies.

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