Report Builder: Need help to exclude certain sample type from expression parameters

I am almost there with a custom template where I just now need some help for the expression to exclude a certain sample type for the "Result" parameter.  

I don't want the "> 1%" or "< 1%" to apply to sample type "Cal."  I just want this to be left blank in this column.  The current expression for the "Result" column:

import System
import clr
import System.Drawing

"" if BoundItems["TargetPeak"] is None or BoundItems["TargetPeak"].IsFinalConcentrationNull() else "< 1%" if BoundItems["TargetPeak"].FinalConcentration < 0.050 else "> 1%"

From what I've been able to discern from the schema, this is the relevant term:

Calibration    *//SampleType[.='Calibration']

How do I put this into this current expression to exclude it from the expression parameters?  Or do I go the opposite way and only include sample types "QC," "Blank," "Sample?"

Thank you for any help!

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