Masshunter Qual - 'Averaging' chromatograms + Bonus question!

Dear Reader,

I am comparatively new to Agilent software (I am using Masshunter Qual for GC-MS/MS work) and am trying to get my head around a couple of points and would dearly love some input if possible please?

One thing that I am keen to do is to produce a 'composite chromatogram' which is an average of all of my blanks which can be subtracted from my samples. It's fairly simple to subtract individual chromatograms from each other, but I haven't found an 'average chromatograms' function in Qual or in the manual, but it may be that I'm searching for the wrong thing. Can anyone provide any hints on how to do this please? 

As a second point, would anyone be able to confirm that when I overlay chromatograms and select the % normalisation option that all the chromatograms are displayed on the same scale and are thus directly comparable as I suspect they are please? I'm fairly sure that they are, but just need a bit of certainty from someone with more experience.

Kind Regards


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