What's New: LC/Q-TOF MassHunter Acquisition 12.0

Here's what’s new in the latest release of MassHunter Acquisition 12.0 for LC/Q-TOF. This release exclusively supports the newly introduced Revident LC/Q-TOF.

This update offers new innovations focused on instrument intelligence to increase productivity in the lab. 

New features added to MH Acquisition 12.0 are:  

  • Intelligent reflex workflows
  • Web-based Advanced Autotune and Diagnostics
  • Early maintenance feedback (EMF)
  • Scheduled Autotune
  • Unified user interface with LC/TQ
  • New parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) acquisition mode
  • Cycle time charts for method development
  • Intelligent imports (from PCDL and MRM Browser)
  • And much more 
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