MassHunter Quant 11.1 and Later: Defect can lead to incorrect concentrations when applying multiple methods to the same batch.

Agilent has identified a defect that can cause Quant to apply incorrect ISTD (Internal Standard) Concentrations when applying different Quantitation methods to a given batch.

This can cause invalid or incorrect calculated concentrations for target analytes if Calibrators and/or QC (Quality Control) samples have different ISTD Concentrations applied to them relative to the Samples.

This issue has been added to Quant’s Software Status Bulletin available here: and has KPR#:1087603. The SSB entry includes details on the nature of the defect, the conditions that can lead to defective behavior, and workarounds to avoid the defect.

The same information is distributed by service note, as well. The service note is available from Agilent upon request with Document ID #D0116238. Contact your Agilent service representative to request a copy:


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