Can't connect to QToF (6545)


We are having trouble connecting to our 6545 QToF (our LC is the 1290). We can start MassHunter Acquisition but if doesn't register that it's connected to the machine and can't issue commands (e.g. turning on the QToF doesn't change the Actuals state - it remains "Offline").

We've checked several other threads here including:


We can ping with no packet loss. When we ping no packets get through - we can't connect to this address (this is our MS address). Powercycling doesn't change anything, nor does any other diagnostic/reset we've tried.


One of those threads suggested "resetting the smartcard". There is an old manual for doing this for what appears to be 5000 series machines. However, we can't find the reset hole that is mentioned anywhere on our machine. 


Any suggestions about what we should do would be greatly appreciated.




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