6545 system startup errors


I had to do a clean PC reinstallation using the HP Z440 Windows 10 Pro 1703 Recovery USB that came with the instrument, then reinstalled Acq B.09.00 and the other software, and set up the network and added the system in the Instrument Configuration.

I am now working on restarting the 6545, which had been vented and shutdown for several months. All of the vacuum/turbo pumps restarted properly, and I clicked "Pump Down" in the QTOF Diagnostics software. Since the software is a fresh install, the advanced tabs that used to appear with the vacuum readings are no longer available in Diag. Since the pump down still wasn't completed after a few days, I tried opening Acquisition to check the vacuum levels using the "Advanced" in Tune to bring up the Diagnostics. The Acquisition software opened and I was able to get to the vacuum readings, but these error messages also appeared that were recorded in the logbook:

  • Mainboard: Slicer communication not responding as expected.
  • Hexapole 2 RF fault

I've closed Acq and shutdown the Voyager engines, so am now just using QTOF Diagnostics again to wait for the pump down status to reach "Completed." I will also be running the 13 hour HV Conditioning after that happens.

However, I was wondering if I should be concerned about the Slicer Communication and Hexapole 2 error messages, or if those should go away on their own once the system is fully ready?


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