Management of projects with multiple access and gradient table query?

Hi all

I have inherited an Agilent system with OpenLab and am not an expert so would be grateful for some support. 

Briefly, I have it setup so all staff can walk up, submit samples as single sample and jobs done! (similar to WalkUp). I have it setup for minimum user interaction with the results path defined as YYYYMMDD from the 'standard fields' available and all is  single project - 'Chemistry'

However, I have been requested to have different samples for different 'projects' stored in different folders and wondered if setting up separate projects would assist with this? But my questions are:

1) Once connected and launching an instance of an instrument, can you switch between projects? Or, do you need to close the instance for one project, the open a new instance with the other to proceed with a different project?

2) Can users submit single samples from different projects and they be added to the same 'queue'?

My second question if I may is about the gradient table in the 'method' section of the pump in 'Acquisition' and using this to equilibrate a column. I wondered if I was to put a gradient in this table, how to I 'run it' to say, equilibrate a column? Is this possible? If not, do I have to create a method to equilibrate a column each time and run that??

thank you all


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