How to set Dual AJS ESI and TOF Parameters for non-target measurements?

LC-TOFMS dual-ajs-esi 6230B 

I am looking forward to analyze water samples using LC-TOFMS in non-targeted manner. I am using Agilent 6230B LC-TOFMS system with Dual AJS ESI. (TOF Firmware: 17.723, LC/MS Data Acquisition Version B.09.00 Build 9.0.9044.0)


In method editor there are many parameters in Source, Acquisition and Ref Mass tab, where I do not know how to choose the most suitable value. In help file there is some information what these parameters mean but still having hard time to choose the values. Is there a documentation which explains the parameters and how to set the values? There are some screenshots where you can see the parameters. My flow rate will be between 0.200 - 0.300 mL/min.


Thank you for your help in advance
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