G1314F VWD intensity failed

I have tried two new lamp and its all fail intensity test on the controller. Then I borrow a standard flow cell from another LC and I got min. intensity pass but fail average intensity. So I use Methanol to clean the flow cell window and flush the flow cell with methanol using syringe and then flush it with water using syringe. Then I got min intensity pass but fail average intensity, So that's prove the flow cell was part of the issue. 

    To save me time to look for manual or googles any forum or blog, suggested by my workmates, open the optical unit. clean all mirrors and lenses with methanol, but then I now got everything fail and the intensity was a lot worse, the minimum intensity only have 217.

   I was a bit skeptical about the solvent as I would think that could introduce contaminant or residue when you expect an clean and clear optical path, just like a mass spec.

senior one told me than methanol have dissolve the shiny bits of the mirror. we need to order the whole optical unit.

I then open the optical unit and rub it with clean dry cloth, of course lint free.

min.i intensity becomes 954 but nowhere near to >6400.

Is there anything I could do or try and rescue it? I broke it, and I want to fix it. I have been thinking day and night and hope anyone give me some idea?


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