Auto Sampler 1260 is Clog very high pressure

The auto sampler model G1329B 1260 is having high back pressure without column.

So far we had been doing the following:

  • Rotor seal is replaced 
  • Injection valve is cleaned
  • Metering Head is cleaned
  • Sample Loop is replaced
  • Needle seat is replaced
  • Needle is replaced
  • Pump is cleaned too.
  • All tubing lines connected to the injection valve were check one by one. Not clog
  • It's noticed that not solvent is coming out from  the injection valve to the column compartment.
  • Warm water was used to flush the system without column.

After all this procedure steps the back pressure still high.

What else we can do to prevent this issue again?

I noticed that several users have the same situation with this 1260 auto sampler.


Thank you

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