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The Quaternary Pump G7111A on my HPLC 1260 System Infinity II is stuck in 'Resident Mode'. OpenLab CDS Software is stating that the power needs to be recycled. However, this doesn't seem to be resolving the issue. I performed the cold start procedure but no result. Also, I tried to use Agilent Lab Advisor and the Upgrade Firmware Tool to upgrade the pump firmware but no success too. Any info. on what Resident Mode is and how I can fix this problem would be much appreciated.

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P.S: please find attached screenshots of the different messages and views displayed by Agilent Lab Advisor.
  • to add to what mrfix said, I would suggest going at the back of the module and look at the switches configuration first and taking note of what it is in case you do not have the default configuration. And then do as he said. Remove all cables from the pump except the power cable and do a forced cold start reboot with the switches. Let it initialize and then power off, put the switches back to the state it was previously and then power on again. 


    The resident mode is used by a module to perform the simplest tasks like having power. If there is issues with another module, or if there is issues with communication, it can revert to resident mode. Also, it can go in resident mode if the firmware has issues, so I would suggest flashing the firmware for all the modules, not just the pump if it is what you did.


    Lastly, if nothing resolves it, it could be the mainboard is being defective and if it is the case, you will have to get someone come in to replace the mainboard for you.

  • I would try disconnecting Lab Advisor and removing the CAN Cables from the G7111A and then retry a Forced cold Start 1,2 and 6 in up position, and power cycle. Then return back to down position and power cycle a second time.

  • Does the pump also fall into resident mode, when it's standalone, so all CAN cables removed? Try this and with the module powered off, put all DIP switches down, which means default configuration.


    I found it interesting that on your screen shots no serial number is shown for the pump. Has the main board recently been replaced?

  • From looking into the screenshots I would say you need to get in touch with Agilent Support. 

    The module type GXXZZA indicates that you have an issue with the pumps main board- as it does no longer knows its module type and serial number. This is unrelated to pump head or any HW and something only Agilent Field Service Engineers can fix.

    Did you somehow modify the main board?

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