8890/5977C MS fault detected: 1.14 APG Remote Shutdown

MS fault detected: 1.14 APG Remote Shutdown

Hello, I’ve been experiencing issues with our Brand-New GC 8890, 5977C GC/MSD using OpenLab software.

The installer did a calibration run without issue, GC/MSD was off for two weeks afterwards due to holidays, no changes were made. No issues with Turning, MS, transfer line, Quad, source and GC have stable temperatures, pressures, and flows.


  • Samples are aborted giving ‘Hardware error’ MS fault detected: 1.14 APG Remote Shutdown, this is the most common fault.
  • Sometimes the run starts but the ALS gets stuck in the vial, Instrument status shows external device not ready, ALS idle.
  • Blank runs also show external device not ready, even with ALS removed and reconfigured.
  • Other times the MS turns on and acquires data, but the GC is stuck in prep run.

I’ve tried:

  • Power cycling and reconfiguring.
  • Remote cable, its correctly connected.
  • New methods.   

Strangely when the instrument server is turned off the GC run begins but MS doesn’t, this leads me to believe there’s a communication problem, IT checked everything was okay. Not sure what the issue could be, perhaps something simple that’s been overlooked?

Service has been contacted but wait times are almost a month.

Any help and advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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