FID flow rate lower than display on setup

Hi all,

I have taked the FID from a HP 6890 plus and put it on a Agilent 6890N that had two inlets and two ECD detectors. I only use the front inlet and installed the FID on the front detector, and removed the electronics for the second inlet and back detector. I am not able to make the FID ignite. I have done all the leak tests possible, but no trace of any leaks. When I measured the flow rate of the gases, I noticed that the flow is correct for the Air flow, but the makeup gas (N2) is 25% below what the setpoint and displayed flow rate, and the H2 is ~63% below the setpoint and displayed flow rate. I was wondering what can be the cause and if there are any more test I could perform? Or does that mean my EPC has to be changed? 

Thank you for the help!

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