Chemstation CDS C.01.10 software for 8890 gas chromatograph

Hello Agilent,

We have installed Chemstation revision C..01.10 on a Windows 10 PC and configured our first new 8890 gas chromatograph as the instrument. Unfortunately, the Chemstation instrument parameter menues in both ON-line and OFF-line Chemstation software are not accessed.

The local Agilent office has advised us to update both GC drivers and GC firmware to newest revisions. We did that with success, but still no access to instrument parameters. Also, we have tried with all available Chemstation C.01.10 software patches available from Agilent Subscribenet. Nothing helps.

8890 updates, before and after:

Default 8890 FW and GC-driver:

FW Revision:, Product version: 3.0.527, Driver Version: DSA GC 7.0 [527]

Updated 8890 FW and GC-driver:

FW Revision:, Product version: 3.5.110, Driver Version: DSA GC 7.5 [527]

The Chemstation C.01.10 software was installed without any failures. Installation Checker was all green before software installation. We can ping the 8890 GC IP address from the Win-10 PC without any problems.

Do you have any suggestions for further troubleshooting?

With kind regards -

Lars Kürstein, Copenhagen

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