Dissolution of dissolved granules

Hello everyone,
We are developing a dissolution method for a product in the form of high potency granules. These granules are intended to be dissolved in water before the patient takes it so we need to reproduce this situation.
The problem is that we do not have dissolution baths within the high potency zone. We do not want to resuspend in water inside the high potency zone because it would mean a delay between the start of the dissolution and the start of the bath, nor can we take the powdered product out of the high activity zone if we are not going to add liquid in a watertight way (without the powdered product being able to come out of the container).
Do you know of a situation for this problem?
Thank you very much for your help

  • Daniel,

    I'm not sure what you mean by the high potency zone here.  Can you elaborate?

    If this is a suspension, there are multiple thing to consider.  You may want to listen to the suspensions webinar on dissolution.com, I believe it was a 2018/9 webinar.  This might help address some of your questions.

    If this isn't a suspension, and you're using granules that you're trying to overcome other challenges with, please explain in a bit more detail what the issue is.

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