708-DS RS232 Command List?

We have a custom solution which we're wanting to pull basic telemetry from a 708-DS and would also be nice to integrate some basic control. Is there a command list or any documentation available for the RS232 interface for this instrument?  I have looked through the documentation posted in the support channels and not finding much.  With other instruments, this information is readily available so I'm a little confused why it's been a struggle to locate it for this one.


  • Hello Beckerben

    We currently do not have a command list or documentation to cover external control via 3rd party software. We do have software that will control and collect data from our dissolution instrumentation. these software platforms are Dissolution Workstation software for control of methods and data for the dissolution instrumentation (without sample analysis) or UV Dissolution software which will control of methods and data with on-line UV analysis. 

    Please reach out to the dissolution hotline (dissolution.hotline@agilent.com) to further discuss your requirements.



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