Heater/Circulator - Weak Water Flow

An analyst turned our 708-DS Agilent Dissolution Bath and when they initialized the system today, the error message heater air pocket or Heater OFF appeared.

I primed our pump G7986A and the temperature came back to increase and stabilized at 37°C. However, I noticed the flow coming out is really weak in comparison to another Agilent disso we have. I almost can not see the pump is working, even all the lights are green. When I prime I can see the flow is stronger, but 30 seconds later I cannot see the water flow anymore.

Is there any part in the pump that would be needed to be replaced?

Thank you so much.

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  • After priming the error went off and the temperature is stable, but when you look by the water bath deflector generally I can see the water flow, but for this dissolution bath in specific I'm not able to. I'm just worried the homogeneity in the water bath will not be good because of this. Later on, I will test and verify the temperature in the vessel. 

    Thank you so much for your answer. I really appreciated it.

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