Is there a way to permit an analyst to see a particular system's registered components (vessels, paddles, etc.) in the software before starting a run, without giving them access to the user groups VkDissoSystemConfig and/or VkModifyOthersSystems?

I want the analyst to be able to check to make sure that the serial no. and positions of the components are as recorded in the database when setting up for a dissolution, but I do not want them to have access to modifying, creating, or deleting systems. We are using dissolution workstation software version

  • You can view a report that was generated on this configuration. 

    It is recommended to have the serial numbers of all the relevant accessories printed out and listed on the instrument.

    Agilent has released cards with a plastic sleeve made to hang on the side of the 708DS to record all of these values. You can contact your local sales support team and request a card to be sent to you.

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