What is the NanoDis Advantage? See 3 New Application Notes for Details!

The Agilent NanoDis system combines traditional USP Apparatus 1 and 2 instrumentation with automation and compliance in an ideal system for scientists looking to optimize formulation development. While initially designed for the dissolution testing of nanomedicines, the NanoDis has proven to be a valuable solution for any products with filtration challenges, including tablets and liposomes. Three new application notes are now available with additional background and methodologies using this complete system. 

Application Note #1 - Dissolution of a PLGA Nanoparticle Formulation Using the Agilent NanoDis System

Key points:

  1. Improve visibility of the burst release phase compared to dialysis membrane technique
  2. Characterize and gain insights on how the burst release occurs for each formulation
  3. Differentiate the formulation release profiles of multiple nano-formulations
  4. Inform formulators next-steps to manage the burst release during development
  5. Optimize nano-formulation development and use of excipients

Application Note #2 - Dissolution of an Immediate Release Nanoparticle Formulation Using the Agilent NanoDis System

Key points:

  1. Confirm accurate performance testing of nano-formulations
  2. Correctly select lead formulations with higher bioavailability
  3. Consistent separation of nanoparticles from the filtrate
  4. Automate dissolution testing and meet ICH guidelines
  5. Perform discriminatory nano-formulation dissolution tests

Application Note #3 - Dissolution of a Propofol Liposomal Formulation Using the Agilent NanoDis System

Key points:

  1. Immediate separation of nanoparticles released from liposome formulations during dissolution testing
  2. Accurate determination of the of different liposome formulation release rate profiles
  3. Detect and profile the true burst-release profile for each formulation

Visit each of the above links to view and download the latest application notes from Agilent's dissolution team and our collaboration partner MyBiotech. For additional details, check out the NanoDis webpage or video. You may also contact our team of experts for a direct consultation or demo at the Dissolution Hotline. Thank you for reading!

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