Dissolution Discussion Group (DDG) Webinars in 2024

Join Agilent's , and other industry experts as they discuss and respond to your questions during this year's DDG webinar series. This is our 14th consecutive year of online meetings! Connect with our experienced panelists and get the latest insight into today's most relevant dissolution topics. 

The 2024 webinars are listed below:

  • Expert Insights into Dissolution Testing of Generic Pharmaceutical Products (Feb 2024, recording available)
  • Key Considerations for Dissolution Software and Compliance > 23-May-2024 at 11 AM EST
  • Applications for Predictive Dissolution Testing > 25-July-2024 at 11 AM EST
  • Dissolution Method Development Guidance Using QbD > 21-Nov-2024 at 11AM EST

Recordings of previous sessions and registrations for upcoming webinars may be found at DDG Webinar Series - sign up today!

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