Openlab ECM with ChemLaunch/MassHunter. Add new Library.

We currently have the full NIST17 library stored on our ECM, we purchased the NIST20 library and can not figure out how to upload the new library to the server so that we can access it. We need to convert the library to .sszip and get it into ECM somehow.

  • You can use a Send-To tool downloaded from ECM to send up a .L MS library in the correct .ssizip format.  

    From the ECM Classic Client navigate to the Administration tab (1), click on Download section in the navigation pane (2) and select ECM SendTo Addin for Windows Explorer to install the Send-To tool on the PC (3).

    After the tool is installed in File Explore there will be a new right click available under the Send To section.  In File Explorer left click on the .L MS library once to highlight, then right click on the .L MS library and select Send To -> Agilent OpenLab ECM.

    The Agilent OpenLab ECM Send Files window will open and the source should already be pointing to the .L MS library.  In the Destination section select the folder in ECM you want to save the library to.  In the Profile drop down menu select 05. Upload a MassHunter Data Folder - Standard Profile.  This will upload the .L MS library in the proper .ssizip file format.


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