Agilent 8890 content management无法使用,无可用的content management许可证。有CM许可,但还是报无可用许可。相关许可服务已经重启,还是无效



3.认证有效且移除并重新添加许可 verification tools检测全部通过


6.CDS 2.6重新配置


  • Agilent 8890 content management cannot be used, no content management licenses available. There is a CM license, but it still reports 
    that there is no license available. The relevant license service has been restarted, but it is still invalid.
    1. The loopback network card is normal
    2. Tomcat service restart, Tomcat dependent service restart
    3. The certification is valid and the license is removed and re-added
    4. Software verification tools all passed the test
    5. The services interface is all running
    6. CDS 2.6 reconfiguration
    None of the above effects

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