OpenLab CDS 2.6. - Connection Issue

Working with client server OpenLab CDS 2.6. IT department changed PC name's of the clients, which results in connection issues with instrument server. Any idea how to resolve?

  • Assuming it is just the client that has changed it's name. Do the following:

    1. Windows Icon>Agilent Technologies>OpenLab Configuration
    2. Enter the hostname of the server, click connect
    3. Enter the username and password of an admin user
    4. Untick the "Register as Instrument Controller" if it is ticked
    5. Click "Register"

    That should do the trick.

  • Adding some more information about this issue:

    When trying to launch an instrument, the following error message pops up "Unable to connect to instrument server"

    In the Activity log it shows "The session connection to instrument controller 'XXX' for instrument 'YYY' has been lost"

    We have also noticed that there are 2 files in this folder "C:\ProgramData\Agilent\AcquisitionSecureFolder" that contain the old hostname


  • Has the name of the Instrument controller changed also? Please check with IT that they haven't done anything else, like modify the network etc.

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