Openlab 2.4 with ECM - "OS Owner"


What does the ECM's OS Owner colum show to us? In some of the projects, every result set's owner is "builtin/Administrators" but sometimes it's a real person/Analyst. Why? I've noticed that, in some resultsets owned by a real person the user defined keys are missing. Since this, the resultset can not be opened from CDS anymore. How can that happen? The result sets without any injections in it has no user keys, but somettimes they lost them with many many injections, so it means data loss.. Disappointed  They keyless relsultsets are visible in ECM, i can open the ssizp, but if you want to open it in CDS, nothing in there just an error message, and a 0001.01.01  01:01:01 injection time Disappointed

Is there any GMP way to fix these files, maybe convert the ssizip to olax format, and import back to its original place?



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