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I've been shown an application you access in you web browser that allows you to view all the data in a project generated by openlab. this application is separate from Data analysis and acts like a file manager of sorts. Does anyone know how I access this?

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    Create a role called " Web Client" or something you want.

    And then assign user to this Role.


    Or create a group add the role and add user to this group. IMO Its better with a group bases system.


    You can access it from any other PC too. Your IT department can help you with the setup.

  • You need to get the IP of the PC.


    To do so

    Win key + r

    type in CMD

    type in ipconfig /all

    Then check IPv4 Adress. something like


    type in your Internet Explorer FTP://


    Then u prompted for authorization.


    You need to create a user first, who have the appropriate access to the system.


    that's all

  • Or u mean the "Content Manager"


    You can open it with "Win" --> All Programms --> Agilent Technologies --> Open Lab Content Manager.


    or localhost/.../


    or Desktop Shortcut

  • Hello,


    mr.white is right. If you have an OpenLab CDS 2.x Workstation Plus then you can use the Content Browser application shortcut or you can just go to localhost/.../ in your web browser to access the Content Management web user interface.


    Similarly, if you have a client/server installation (as opposed to a Workstation Plus), you can access Content Management in your web browser by going to servername/.../, where servername is the name of your content management server. When the web ui loads you should be asked to login, like below:


    Once you are logged in, the web ui will look similar to the below screenshot from my system:


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