Important Update for Users of OpenLab ECM

In May of 2021, Microsoft announced the end of support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) in standard Windows deployments effective June 15, 2022.

Since OpenLab ECM client depends on IE11, users will not be able to access the ECM client once the IE11 desktop application is retired in a future version of Windows. Agilent is developing a new Windows client application, ECM Classic Client, which is independent of IE11 and has the same functions as the current ECM Client.

Agilent’s plan is to have the ECM Classic Client available for download on Agilent SubscribeNet in January 2022.

The existing ECM Web Interface, the alternative interface for general review activities, is not impacted by IE11 retirement and more capabilities are under development. The ECM web interface is available for download on Agilent SubscribeNet.

Please check with your regional Product Specialist for early access to the ECM Classic Client, status updates, and/or questions.

Additional status updates will be sent as we get closer to the availability date.

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