Ferrules for a 0.18 mm capillary column

Hi all,

I'm using a 0.18 mm HP-5 GC Column on a Shimadzu GC-2014 connected with a FID. I'm looking to get new ferrules (the old ones had been passed down from previous users) and wanted to discuss some options. I tried using some 0.5 mm graphite ferrules, but despite tightening the ferrules as much as possible, they were still very loose on the column. Based on the ferrule finder quiz, 0.4 mm graphite ferrules seem like the best choice (part number 500-2114). Has anyone used these for a 0.18 mm column before? How has your experience been?

I also looked into the graphite/Vespel ferrules, such as part number 5181-3323, but since my maximum temperature for my method is 340 C, and my conditioning method goes up to 350 (briefly!), I think they might not be the best option given their temperature range.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

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