Packed a 5190-2295 inlet liner with wool

Anyone packed a 5190-2295 inlet liner with wool without having problems with the wool not staying packed and shifting during a few runs?

  • You don't repack glass wool into a liner as this will influence the flow restriction of it. More densely packed glass wool gives higher resistance, less densely packed and it shifts around. Also Ultra Inert liners are packed with Ultra Inert glass wool and you don't want to break the glass fibers by self-packing as those edges and surfaces are not ultra inert any more.

    It is better to use a new liner instead.



  • Thanks for the feedback. We were looking at the glass wool with unpacked liner tubes as the cost is greatly different. However when observing how well a prepacked liner compares to one of our techs liners, they look not as secured or dense opposed to a packed liner bought. Was looking for feedback if anyone has/does this!

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