column bleeding


short question - please.

my column for determination "hydrogen" is starting bleeding, what can you do to eliminate this process of bleeding?

thanks for providing me feedback,


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  • Hi, this is still not sufficient.

    I assume you use a column switching system with HayeQ as first column, switching the first eluting peak to M5A for the permanent gases, and backflush the HayeQ to Alox for hydrocarbon analyses?

    • How many detectors do you use?
    • When do you see the "bleeding"? Is it a raise of the baseline?
    • Are retention times stable? Is there a shift to higher or lower times?
    • Have the peak width changed?

    Molsieve and aluminium oxide are inorganic compounds and normally cannot bleed, HayeQ might be bleeding if the temperature was above 250 °C.

    As you are in Belgium I suggest calling your nearest Agilent office and connect to the CSD Technical Support team as this is no simple question.



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