LC column recommendation

Which LC  column is recommended for fuel oils to determine dimer, trimer and tetramers , GPC  analysis?

  • Thanks for taking the time out to look at my questions, if other answers are needed , I can forward them to the chemist.
    <![if !supportLists]>·   <![endif]>What kind of fuel oil do you mean? Mineral oil-based, biodiesel-like, etc.? Biodiesel
    <![if !supportLists]>·   <![endif]>As for the oligomers: do you mean acid oligomers and if yes, what are the expected length of the side-chains. Styrene oligomers with heavy aromatics
    <![if !supportLists]>·   <![endif]>Are the oligomers linked by in-chain-groups and what are the expected side chain-lengths?
    <![if !supportLists]>·   <![endif]>I assume the sample is only soluble in some organic solvents? Yes, currently THF
    <![if !supportLists]>·   <![endif]>What would be the estimated max. molecular weight?  9,000mw
    <![if !supportLists]>·   <![endif]>Does it need to be LC or could it also be GC? LC
  • Hi Tee,

    I discussed this with a GPC expert and we came out with an article that might help you: 1773 (

    In this article 3 columns with different pore sizes are coupled to get the necessary resolution over a broad MW range.

    You can also use a set of PLgel 3 µm MIXED-E columns and here is an example for a polystyrene standard: 5990--7937EN_5989_5672.qxd ( Keep in mind that you probably also need two or three columns in series to achieve a good resolution. You can find the part numbers of all these columns in the catalog above.



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