How to rinse and store columns C18, C8. Are there columns we can store only with water?

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  • Hi Smailchimiste! Here is an article on our new information platform, for the cleaning of your columns. General Column Regeneration Procedure

    To save the analytical column Reverse Phase ZORBAX Eclipse Plus C18 (100 x 4,6 mm, 3,5 μ), the use of Javelin Colfilters (1 x 10 pcs.) cod. S90199511 is obligatory.
    Install a new analytical C18 Reversed-Phase column ZORBAX Eclipse Plus C18 (100 x 4,6 mm, 3,5 μ) .
    Disconnect the detector and filter 30 ml of H2O : Acetonitrile (20 : 80 v / v) set flow of 1,0 ml/minute. Don’t recycle the washing solutions. Flux 30 ml of a solution of H2O : Acetonitrile (80 : 20 v / v) at flow of 1,0 ml/minute. Don’t recycle the washing solutions. Condition the column with the mobile phase at a flow of 1,0 ml/minute and discharge the first 20 ml. Finally inject the Chemical Standard and verify the quality of the HPLC run.
    It’s NOT possible to make analysis at recycling phase. If room temperature is  20 °C store the Mobile Phase at 2-8 °C between an analytical session and another.
    Disconnect the detector. Flux 15 ml of H2O : Acetonitrile or Methanol (80 : 20 v / v) set flow of 1,0 ml/minute and discharge. Flux a solution of H2O : Acetonitrile or Methanol (30 : 70 v / v) for 30 minutes discharge it. It is recommended to perform the washing of Analytical Column at the end of each analytical run. Store the column in a solution of H2O : Acetonitrile or Methanol (30 : 70 v / v).

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    There is no one universal answer to your question as it's very dependent on the user and application the column is used for.  Each column is usually accompanied with an information booklet detailing how to properly store when not in use.  Good idea to follow where practical.  There are however, some definite things one shouldn't do and some one should.

    1) Never store a column in only water as it not inhibit microbial growth.  If that is the best solvent to store the column then add at least 10% of an organic solvent such as methanol, ACN ect.

    2) Never store column in buffered mobile phase since the ppt can damage the column if the solvent evaporates.  

    3) Never stop flow in a column which is heated..  Reduce the flow, turn the column heater off or better yet, flush and remove and store the column with an appropriate solvent.

    3) Always store the capped column in the box in which it was received as it will prevent damage due to shocks.

    4) Some users don't like to store in mobile phase, especially if it's a column dedicated to a single analysis and takes a long time to fully equilibrate.  The caveat being it should not have any buffer which can precipitate.

    5) Good practice to keep a column logbook and document what it's used for, how many injections made, mobile used and back pressure.  Ideally it would be a great idea to dedicate a column to a single analysis but that may not always be practical.

  • You have the conditioning and cleaning procedures for your specific column in the manual delivered with the column.



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    No we cannot store any columns in water as there is high chance of microbial contamination. and we also can store column in 100 % polar solvents (Acetonitrile Methanol ) as there are volatile in nature and results in dryness of packing material of column. So its better to store column as per its performance result, and in what solvent they were stored before shipping ( it was written in column performance report)

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