Is Hypersil AA-ODS 79916AA-572 column actually an (AC) column?

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Is Hypersil AA-ODS 79916AA-572 column actually an (AC) column?

I can see on a web site it is:

If it is I should use in-column-hardware-fit guard cartridges 7992618-504 Hypersil ODS, 5 µm, 4 x 4 mm cartridge (AC), 10/pk (use with hardware kit 5021-1845).

The question arised as I can see elsewhere a totally different information, it is standalone column and a standalone Thermo-style guard holder (Female-Female, connecting capillary required) with cartridges:

And it looks like a standalone column on ebay:

AGILENT Hypersil AA-ODS 200 x 2.1mm 5µm Particles HPLC Column 79916AA-572 | eBay

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  • Hi,

    amino acid analyses changed little over time, that's why historical phases are still used. Then came 2nd and 3rd generation columns with ultra-pure silica bases and better stability. Today I would always use an AdvanceBio AAA instead of anything else, but there are plenty of literature references out there citing the old ways.

    If an old type column is in a validated method, the user should calculated the financial benefits of using a state-of-the-art phase and re-validate the method and multiple older columns with short life spans.

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