What scale factor value I must use to normalize data using protein concentration?

Hello. I am a new user of seahorse and I have used the cell mito stress assay kit. I wanted to know how you normalize results with protein concentration. What is the scale factor that I must indicate into wave's software when protein concentration values are : A= 3 B=67 C=71 D=75 E=47 F=45 G=40 H=6? I need to normalize because I study the effect of a drug which block the proliferation of cells; the assay was performed after 24 hours of drug treatment. I have take a look onto Agilent's guide : it is indicated if values are for example 12506   12720 12002 ... then scale factor is 12000; but in my case I have not the same first number...

Also if you repeat the assay, you will use the same scale factor? If you realize experiments using differents cell lines, you will use also this same scale factor ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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