No response to oligomycin during glycolysis stress test with intestinal organoids

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have questions regarding the glycolysis stress test. 

During the glycolysis test my intestinal organoids did not respond significant to oligomycin injection, however they did respond to oligomycin normally during the mitochondrial stress test assay. The graph shows no difference between glycolysis and glycolytic capacity and I can not detect the glycolytic reserve. I tried using different concentrations of oligomycin (final concentration: 5.5 µM, 10 µM and 15 µM in 96 Wells Plate), but it did not help. I also increased the cycle time during the oligomycin injection, but it did not help too. Do you think there is a need to use another inhibitor instead of oligomycin? Perhaps you have some advice on how I can optimize this test for my organoids? 

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