wave software needs an instrument for analysis?

Hi everyone,


I want to analyze seahorse data files using another computer than the one connected to the instrument. usually, this was never a problem. but now, using a new computer, the wave software tells me that the Instrument is not installed, when I´m trying to open a data file...

"The `Instrument` required to open this file cannot be located on this machine. Please go to www.agilent.com for details how to download the required files." is the error message.

Is there any virtuall machine that needs to be installed or what is the problem? I´m using the wave software version


Thanks in advance for any help,


  • Hi Meike,


    Can you please try the following: On your computer, please open the control panel, then go to programs/apps. Dependent on the windows version you have on your computer, please either find Wave in the list of programs under "apps" (if you work with windows 10) or go to the "Programs and features" folder and then find the Wave program in the list of programs. Then click on the program (or right-click) and then click on "modify"/"change". Then you will get a pop-up window that looks like the installation pop-up window. Go through the windows by clicking "next" until you get the option to choose which type of instrument you want installed. Then please choose the correct well format that fits with the well format the data comes from. Then finish the modification by clicking next until the modifications has been made. Then try to open the data file again.


    If it doesn't work, please let me know. You can contact me at cellanalysis.support@agilent.com.


    Best Regards,


    Annika Bagge,

    Seahorse Technical Support.

    Agilent Technologies.

  • Thank you very much, Annika!

    now it´s working! ;-)

    Best regards, Meike

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