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As for Mito Fuel Flex test, can i inject each of 3 inhibitors separately in order to calculate both fuel dependency and capacity from the same well?

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    Thank you for contacting Cell Analysis Technical Support.  You could theoretically do this, though you would not be able to run the resulting file through our Report Generator and would have to do all of the calculations manually using our equations in Table 1 on page 4 of our MFF Report Generator User Guide.  What is your reasoning behind wanting to do it that way rather than the way in which the assay is setup? If we understand that better, we may be able to help you in another way.

    Have you seen our Substrate Oxidation Assays? These assays are more effective at looking at substrate utilization because the same inhibitors used in the Mito Fuel Flex Assay in addition to the reagents from the Mito Stress Test. One can see more of a difference upon the injection of the pathway inhibitors when cells are respiring at their maximum rates after FCCP injection - see screenshot below.  Users typically get a better response using these assays than the MFF assay.  Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions.

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