Purity of isolated monocytes for Seahorse analysis

I am planning to isolate monocytes for Seahorse analysis and wondering wich isolation method to use,

and is the purity of the isolated monocytes of importance when doing Seahorse ?

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  • Immobilization of Non-Adherent Cells with Cell-Tak for Assay on the Agilent Seahorse XFe/XF96 or XFp Analyzer

    I have been following this protocol for cell attachment but the cells still couldn't attached. In the technical note, sodium hydroxide was mentioned in the Materials, but the use of sodium hydroxide was not mentioned in the protocol steps. The protocol in Cell-Tak is a little different. I am a bit confused. Please help. 

  • Hi there, 

    Thank you for contacting Cell Analysis Technical Support.  The protocol you mentioned does reference the manufacturer of Cell Tak Basic Protocol (see screenshot below).  This is where the sodium hydroxide is used to neutralize the Cell Tak for the adhesive function to be activated.  Have you gone to that referenced protocol as well?  You will see it there.  Please let me know if this helps or if you have any additional questions once you take a look.

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