Re: Action Required to Prevent Delay of Instrument Operational Qualifications (OQ)

Automated Compliance Engine (ACE) Version 2.X End of Support Notification

Dear Valued Customer:

Agilent would like to inform you that the Automated Compliance Engine (ACE) version 2.x platform will no longer be supported from the end of June 2022. If you are receiving this letter, it means that ACE is used perform qualification (OQ) on your laboratory systems, and you may be facing a service interruption unless you upgrade to ACE 3.X.

Call to Action: To avoid a service interruption, it is imperative that you take action to upgrade to ACE 3.X. This upgrade comes to you at no cost.

The upgrade is accomplished by working with your local Agilent Customer Service and Contract Sales representatives to migrate existing Equipment Qualification Protocols (EQPs) to the ACE 3.X platform.

  • For users of Standard EQPs this as simple as approving the latest protocol revision.
  • If you are using Custom EQP’s with altered setpoints, limits or test scheduling, the Agilent representative will replicate your existing EQP using the latest ACE 3.X EQP. A new EQP review document will be provided for your review and approval.
  • If you have Network Distributed ACE (NDA) installed at your site, contact your local Agilent representatives to schedule upgrading to the latest version.

Note: From the end of June 2022, qualifications can only be completed with protocol revisions 02.50 (the initial ACE 3.X Protocols) and higher. The protocol revision number is listed on the Protocol Details page of all EQP review documents.

As you already know our automated electronic Qualification solution has been serving the regulated market for over 15 years. Released in June 2020, ACE 3 improves our ability to provide you with industry leading Compliance services – Ranked #1 in Compliance Services by an independent global survey.

A few key features of the new platform are:

  • Improved Audit Trail functionality
  • Improved Attachment Handling with Table of Content
  • Repeated Run Log
  • Improved Charting in Reports
  • Upgrades to the EQP

Also, this is a good time to consider upgrading to Network Distributed ACE (optional). Network Distributed ACE is where ACE is installed directly on your network for improved end-to-end traceability for Data Integrity Compliance.

Please contact your local Agilent representative to avoid a service interruption and upgrade to ACE 3.X. Start realizing the power of the new ACE platform today!  

PDF versions of this letter are included with this announcement.

English Version:

Portuguese Version: 

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