My C16:0 GC standard keeps showing two peaks where there should only be one

I'm writing an assignment on fatty acids in Chia seed oil, and to that i'm using GC

But when i try to identify the 5 components (C16:0, C18:0, C18:1, C18:2, C18:3) it keeps showing an extra peak that shouldn't be there.

I tried to make a standard solution with only C16:0 in order to identify it, but the extra peak just keep showing up.


Column: DB 225

carrier gas: Nitrogen

Flow: 1,5 mL/min

Injection vol: 1 ml

Split: 30:1

Injector temp: 250°C

Detector: 270°C

Temperature program:

Start: 195 degrees Celsius, hold for 10 min

increase with 7 degrees Celsius pr. minute up to 210 C


We used 0,1000 grams of 

The sample was prepared by weighing 0,1000 grams of C16:0 to which we added: 2,0 mL of 0,5 M KOH dissolved in Methanol and then 3,0 mL of Boron trifluoride reagent, 10,0 ml of saturated saline and 5,00 ml n-heptane.

After it has separated we collected the top layer and used that for injections.


I have tried changing the split, and temperature of injector and detector, but nothing has helped!

Do anyone have an idea of what could have happened? we are at the end of our rope here
  • So i found out what was wrong!!

    it turns out that the very nice Lab technician/TA we have working here at my school, accidental gave us 0,5 M KOH dissolved in ethanol when we needed 0,5M KOH dissolved in methanol. As soon as we found out, we prepared a new sample and ran it on the GC, and BOOM! only one peak on my C16:0!


    Stupid mistake, but hey, that's what you get for being an idiot in a hurry

    but thank you all for helping me try to solve this mystery


  • Hi anna,

    Any fix is a good fix .



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