I would like to measure the Vitamin B5 content in the raw material. Can anyone tell me how to measure vitamin B5 by using the HPLC-UV and which column should we choose?

Currently, we find a method using HPLC from Waters so that we plan to buy a column from Waters. I don't know if this column can fit into the Agilent machine 

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  • Hi Dr. Norbet

    Thanks for your reply. But I do have a question about the second paper you refer to me (Analysis of water-soluble vitamins from multivitamin tablets for nutrition labeling). I can't find the sample preparation method. In that paper, it uses the multivitamin tablet so that the vitamin content can fully dissolve into the water. What about the sample with hard texture? Do I need to use acid to break the protein and then fully extract the vitamin B5 in the sample? 

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