RSD% failure - PAHs

   I please ask if you can verify what I am doing wrong. My analysis is 8270 PAHs using a 7890A/5975C inert XL MSD. I currently use 30m x 0.250mm x 1.00µm DB-5MSUI (Part # 122-5533UI) Agilent column. The attachment below shows my RSD% for three of my four groups of analytes over 15% with noticeable peak deviation in the final CC concentrations. I have made the calibration curve with the desired concentrations more than once with the same instrument results. I will greatly appreciate your help.


Current column settings:

1) 50°C (1min)

2) 15 °C/min to 300° - hold 4.5min

3) 25 °C/min to 320° - hold 12.5

Total time 35.467min


Current GC settings:

MS Source 230°C, MS Quad 150°C, Aux Temp 310°C, HiVac 1.14e-05

Inlet:  Temp=280°C, Pressure=10.052psi, Flow=24.20mL/min, Constant Flow

Splitless injection at 50mL/min at 1min

  • Jerivera,

    This looks to be a linearity issue that could be due to the dynamic range. Try injecting less, turn EM down a little or making 2 curves. We cannot give up much on the bottom end of the curve but a little is all we may need. If still having issues we would recommend that you contact you local Agilent support and they most likely will need the raw data files and the method to evaluate.

  • No change after changing replacing the EM, lowering the EMV, injecting less from 50mL/min to 15mL/min nor changing the acquisition settings from constant flow to constant pressure (trying everything). The higher the concentration analyzed the farther the curvier the linearity. Still going...

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