Webinar Digest Update - 7/8/2024

The Digest of upcoming webinars has been updated as of July 8.

Notable additions include:

  • BioPharma (2)
  • Pharma (1)

Check Out:

  • Elemental Analysis in Yeast Cells and Microplastics by ICP-MS with Automated Micro-Flow Sample Introduction on July 9
  • Laboratory Automation for Small Molecule High-Throughput Screening and Cell-based Assays on July 9
  • Understanding PD-L1 Assessment: Insights from Breast and Cervical Cancer Specimens on July 13
  • Applications for Predictive Dissolution Testing on July 25
  • GC and GC/MS Frequently Asked Questions on July 30
  • Care and Feeding of Your HPLC System: Preventive Maintenance Tips on July 16
  • Quick and Easy Material Identification of Salts and Solvents Used in Lithium-Ion Batteries by FTIRR on July 18
  • Back to the Lab with Your Fragment Analyzer and Femto Pulse on September 26
  • Analytical Method Development under ICH Q14.I on July 10
  • Seminar 1 – OpenLab CDS - The Control Panel and Data Acquisition on July 16
  • Seminar 2 – OpenLab CDS – Data Analysis on July 23
  • Seminar 3 – OpenLab CDS – Custom Calculator and Reporting on July 30
  • Direct Elemental Analysis of Edible Oils Using an Agilent 5800 ICP-OES on July 11

See the complete list here: Webinar Notifications

A listing of past recorded webinars is available here: Agilent Recorded Webinars

Did you miss the June GC Live Event? Don't worry, check out the recording here: Small Size, Big Impact – Introducing the 8850 GC - Follow-up Discussion

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