Webinar Digest Update - 4/2/2024

The Digest of upcoming webinars has been updated as of April 2.

In April, you don't want to miss the GC Live Event, Diagnostics From Your Desk, Troubleshooting From Your Kitchen Table on April 11!

Check out the new Agilent Community Group, GPC/SEC Solutions Group and the upcoming webinar series in partnership with Dow, A Journey through SEC, Light Scattering, and 2D-LC for Macromolecules.

Notable additions include:

  • Molecular (13)
  • Spectroscopy Workshops & Bootcamps (10)

Check Out:

  • Back to Basics - IN PERSON - Various Dates
  • Key Considerations for Dissolution Software and Compliance on May 23 
  • Use of LC-MS/MS Technique for Quantitative Analysis of Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids in Dietary Supplements and Foods on April 17
  • Diagnostics From Your Desk, Troubleshooting From Your Kitchen Table on April 11
  • Method Makeover: Updating Older HPLC Methods on April 16
  • Microplastic detection and quantification in the Cincinnati urban watershed using laser direct infrared (LDIR) chemical imaging system on April 11
  • Analysis of Content Distribution of Pharma Tablets on March 22
  • Seminar 1 – OpenLab CDS - The Control Panel and Data Acquisition on April 2
  • Seminar 2 – OpenLab CDS – Data Analysis on April 9
  • Seminar 3 – OpenLab CDS – Custom Calculator and Reporting on April 16
  • Unveiling a Connection That Matters - OpenLab 2.8 on April 23
  • Improve Your Laboratory Workflow by Adding the New Advanced Dilution System (ADS2) System to your ICP and/or ICPMS Instrumentation on April 4
  • Turbo-Tech Perfection: A Blueprint for the Ultimate Molecular Pump on April 24

See the complete list here: Webinar Notifications

A listing of past recorded webinars is available here: Agilent Recorded Webinars

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