Webinar Digest Update - 5/2/2023

The Digest of upcoming webinars has been updated as of May 2. 

Notable additions include:

  • Molecular (1)

Check Out:

  • Semiconductor Applications and Setup for a variety of Solvents and Matrices by ICP-OES on May 9
  • Automated Protein Sample Prep For Non-Automation Experts on May 25
  • Accelerating Analysis in the BioPharma Laboratory on June 5
  • Back To Basics (Various Locations - IN PERSON)
  • Alcoholic Beverages Virtual Symposium: Beer on May 17
  • A How-To Guide for Release Rate Testing of Medical Devices on May 11
  • Analysis of Permanent Gases: More Challenging Than You Might Think on May 17
  • Time to Unwind ( Various Locations - IN PERSON)
  • Why Won’t My HPLC Method Transfer? How to Build a More Robust Method on May 23
  • Maximizing the Up-Time in Your Lab While Reducing Costs of Ownership with the Innovative Cary 3500 Flexible UV-Vis Spectrophotometer on May 4
  • Elucidating Cellular Metabolism with a Full Suite of Next-Generation Omics Tools on June 7 
  • Seminar 1 – OpenLab CDS - The Control Panel and Data Acquisition on June 6
  • Seminar 2 – OpenLab CDS – Data Analysis on June 13
  • Seminar 3 – OpenLab CDS – Custom Calculator and Reporting on June 20
  • Out of Lab Analysis Workshop: Meet the Handheld FTIR Family on May 11
  • The Top 5 Leak Detection Service Issues: A Practical Field Guide to Maximize Up Time with your Helium Leak Detector on May 17

See the complete list here: Webinar Notifications

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