Webinar Digest Update - 10/4/2022

The Digest of upcoming webinars has been updated as of October 4. 

Notable additions include:

  • Atomic (4)
  • Biopharma (6)
  • Software & Informatics (5)
  • Vacuum Solutions Series (1)

Check Out:

  • Fundamentals of Atomic Spectroscopy: ICP-OES on October 11
  • Overview of Analytical Tools for Developing the Next Generation of Biopharmaceuticals on October 26
  • Sweetening you Sugar Analysis with Electrochemical Detection on October 5
  • A Trip to the Vet: Expert Advice about Dissolution Testing of Veterinary Products on November 10
  • Indecisive About your Column Selection? Let Us Help You Choose the Correct GC Column on October 6
  • Oligo to Go: Navigating your LC/MS Options for Oligonucleotide Characterization on October 5
  • Understanding UV-Vis (-NIR) Instrument Parameters on October 7
  • Seminar 1 – OpenLab CDS - The Control Panel and Data Acquisition on October 11
  • Deciding What Accessories You Need for a High End UV-Vis-NIR Instrument on October 6
  • High Vacuum Going Mobile: Turbo Pumping Stations on October 26 

See the complete list here: Webinar Notifications

Thank you.

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