Webinar Digest Update - 8/9/2022

The Digest of upcoming webinars has been updated as of August 9. 

Check Out:

  • New ASTM Method D8351-22: Microwave Plasma Analysis of Biodiesel and Biodiesel Blends on August 10
  • Bottom-up and Top-down Disulfide Bond Mapping of Beta-lactoglobulin on a Q-TOF with the Capability to Perform both CID and ECD on August 17
  • Beware of GC Column Bleed: Tips and Tricks for Troubleshooting Bleed Problems on August 23
  • Uncertainty of Linear Calibration Curve & Detection Limit (Part 1) on August 23
  • Tips to Help Maximize Resolution on August 16
  • Fast UV-Vis Applications - Performing Reactions with the Cary 3500 UV-Vis Spectrometer on August 15
  • Eliminate the Pain of Upgrading Your Aging ICP-OES on August 18

See the complete list here: Webinar Notifications

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