Poster - Fast Standard GC - Determination of Syngas.pdf



Fast determination of syngas using packed columns and standard gas chromatography in less than 5 minutes or even 2 minutes(!) Is it really possible to achieve?


The attached poster might give an idea how to configurate a standard gas chromatograph for this application. Using a combination of ShinCarbon ST and MS-5A stationary phases, fast separations are actually possible using "old school" packed columns. The shown packed column setup has demontrated quite good separation of syngas components, very robust chromatography and minimal column maintenance. A third capillary column channel can be configured in parallel for model Agilent 7890 gas chromatogrphs for separation and determination of hydrocarbons/FID.


I hope this poster will inspire everybody and add new approches in configuring "GC Analyzer" systems for determination of syngas in the future (e.g. ASTM D1945/1946).


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