TwisTorr on board controller wiring

I would like guidance on the controls for a twistorr medium onboard controller. I am using a TwisTorr 704 FS turbo pump with a twisTorr medium-TMP onboard controller (x3512-64016). The turbo pump and controller is currently wired in the "plug & pump" configuration where the operator toggles a switch (which drives a relay) which apply mains power to turn on the controller and begin pumping. In this setup the start/stop control pins and the interlock pins are hard wired to 24V and GND to force the turbo pump on when mains power is applied (Plug & Pump configuration from manual)

I would like guidance on configuring the controller to be always on with the rest of my system and have the user toggle start and stop functionality of the pump. The driver for this is that when the pump is turned off I would like to read the state of the programmable setpoint used for a pump at speed signal. I can put a switch on the start/stop pins but I cant figure out if I also need to switch the interlock controls or if those can be hardwired as they are now.

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