Get the vacuum value from the volts return (on Arduino) using the 531 Thermocouple Gauge Tube

hey guys,

I'm putting together a project in arduino to object the vacuum of a chamber using the 531 Thermocouple Gauge Tube, I'm using a 5V charger, so I have a range from 0V to 5V, where 0V is equal to 0 mTorr and 5V is equal to 2000mTorr (2Torr), The rendering is not getting adequate because it seems to me that there is a need to configure some formula of "Calibration curve", does anyone know what is the correct formula? with the return in Volts how do I correctly convert to Microns/mTorr?
  • The Agilent 531 and 536 TC gauges are designed to work with gauge controllers with an internal voltmeter and current source.

    Thermocouple vacuum gauges work by measuring the potential difference between two conductors (TC wires) with different temperature coefficients.
    The two conductors are placed in contact with each other at one end, and the other end is connected to a voltage source.
    The filament provides the heat with 165mA current source.

    When the two conductors are at different temperatures, a potential difference develops between them.
    This potential difference can be used to measure the vacuum pressure.

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